ProFusion Video Presenter 2018

Last summer, the award-winning organization, Students on Ice, sailed along western Greenland to the Canadian High Arctic with more than 100 students from around the world. It was an inspiring and immersive learning journey that connected youth to the Arctic and to the challenges we face as a global society. Our media team leveraged state-of-the-art Sony and Vistek gear to capture the journey as it unfolded and to showcase the incredible beauty of the Arctic, its people, and the indelible impact the journey had on the expedition team. This presentation, given alongside documentary filmmaker Garry Tutte at the ProFusion 2018 Expo in Toronto, speaks to the challenges of capturing each action-packed day through considerable ice and varying weather conditions, and also illustrates the remarkable footage captured throughout the journey.


Winterlude Exhibit 2017

In collaboration with Parks Canada, Students on Ice and the city of Ottawa, an 11 panel interactive art exhibit was erected in Confederation Park to showcase northern Canada to festive goers as part of the Winterlude 2017 annual festival. Photographs and information from the Torngat Mountains, taken as part of the 2016 Arctic Students on Ice Expedition, were displayed inside a wall of ice that remained frozen for 3 weeks. As interpreters, it was our job to immerse visitors into the world of the Canadian high arctic, through vivid re-tellings of our first hand stories and experiences. The exhibit had 3 of my photo's.